Monday, September 27, 2010


I received multiple requests over the last week for some final Oakdale photos. I am happy to oblige... starting with my personal favorite ATWT endgame couple, John and Lucinda.

In the interest of full disclosure, however, I will confess that, despite my love for John and Lucinda, my all-time favorite John Dixon pairing was with the wife hardly anyone remembers - Karen (Kate MacNeil; below in North and South).

She was the one who actually adopted Dusty and brought him into John's life (it started as a way for Karen to get her hands on the Stenbeck fortune - she was vying with John's ex-wife, James' biological sister, Ariel for it; I was such a huge fan of that story as a kid that, twenty-five years later, writing The Man From Oakdale, I actually found a way to work Ariel and the real Stenbeck heir into the story)!

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marije-photogirl said...

Nice :)
Do you have cast photo's of Liberty, Carly, Casey, Emily, Will, Gwen, Jack,Luke, Margo, Noah, Paul and Tom?