Thursday, September 09, 2010


"Why won't Allie let me help her?" Amanda unloaded on Rachel in response to her mother's query regarding how things were going with Allie's defense. "Despite what Hamilton suggested, she can't flip on the others. She was obviously the instigator here. Our only chance of an acquittal is to prove that she was no more capable of making a rational decision by that point than Gregory."

"I doubt Allie sees it that way," Rachel offered gently. "I looked at her face the entire time we were in court. She's proud of what she did. Don't you realize that by claiming she wasn't in her right mind, you're taking that away from her?"

"Allie's self-esteem versus a three year jail term.... You know what, I'm going to take what's behind Door Number One, and let the chips fall where they may. This is her life we're talking about. Her future."

"When I spoke to Allie about her pregnancy last winter, she told me that she viewed the baby as a mistake. I'm afraid Allie feels her entire life has been a mistake."

Amanda froze in her tracks. "Thanks, Mom. Just the reminder I needed."

"Oh, grow up, Amanda," Rachel snapped. "Now isn't the time to tip-toe around what we all know is true. You said it yourself; this is Allie's future we're talking about."


Rachel lays out a few facts of life to a sullen Amanda, Jamie attempts to put his own house in order, Kevin is caught between being an attorney and a parent, Sarah reaches out to Steven despite Marley's advice, and Donna shocks all of Bay City with her audacious move.

Plus a classic clip of Donna and Rachel pulling out their claws!

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