Friday, January 08, 2010



Mindy and Rick confronted Dina Hill with Billy's claim that she was Mindy's mother.

Dina insisted it couldn't be the case. She and Billy met several years after Mindy was born, and they spent one lazy summer by the pool in a Northern California country club. They were never serious.

Dina showed Mindy photos of herself at the time Mindy was born, she clearly wasn't pregnant, and even offered up a lock of hair for DNA testing. She also said that Billy never mentioned having a toddler daughter while they were together.

Thoroughly confused now, Mindy contacted her Aunt Trish, who reluctantly admitted that when Billy was 19, there'd been some... unpleasantness... with a 17 year old girl. Her parents went on the warpath, and when HB sided with them, Billy stormed out of Tulsa and didn't return for several years. During that time, he kept in very infrequent touch with the family, and when he came back, he had Mindy in tow, and a story about her mother having died.

Mindy wondered if she should keep digging, or just drop the whole thing. It seemed like every time she turned around, she learned more and more things she didn't want to know.

But the question of what to do next was tabled when Mindy and Rick arrived home to a frantic Lizzie, waiting with Sarah and Alana, who told them, "You two are the only ones who can help us now!"

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nancyd said...

Are we going to start getting some spoiler pics and posts about ATWT again? It was great for awhile but nothing new again for several weeks.

supersage21 said...

I'm loving the story of Springfield. Only wish GL could have been written this well when it was on the air.

noelle said...

I remember something about Billy raping Reva when they were kids like that. I'm still holding out that Reva is Mindy's mom.

This thread has been so fun to read. I look forward to Mindy's tweets every day.

Dia said...

I think you should go for it.

Rose said...

Billy didn't rape Reva she just said that she was raped (she didn't say Billy was the father til years later) because she was ashamed to tell josh that she had screwed around on him with his brother - so there was no rape. The child of the interlude was a son - so could not be Mindy.