Monday, January 04, 2010


"Jamie was going to poison you with this?" Cass demanded, ready to explode as he glared down at the vial of liquid stuffed inside a plastic bag that Frankie held out for his examination.

"He wasn't going to, Cecile tried to blackmail — "

"Why didn't Jamie take this straight to the police? Why didn't you both?"

"He's afraid of what Cecile was blackmailing him about, getting out."

"Who the hell cares? What kind of skeleton could Jamie Frame possibly have in his closet that's worth my daughter's life? Does he understand that Cecile threatened to kill Charlie? That she has to be stopped by any means possible?"

* * *

Frankie confesses all to Cass, Marley says the wrong thing to the wrong person, Kevin gives Alice a history lesson on the Harrisons, Lorna lies to Felicia, and Rachel goes on the warpath.

Plus a classic Ryan clip from 1991!

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