Thursday, January 21, 2010


"Here to welcome me to the neighborhood?" Lorna asked, walking into the kitchen of what was supposed to be her temporary residence, only to find Jamie at the table, finishing what appeared to have once been a turkey sandwich. At least they were both clothed this time. Though why that was supposed to be a good thing, Lorna couldn't quite remember at the moment.

He looked up, wiping his mouth diligently with a napkin. "You would be shocked at how difficult it is to find a private spot to eat up at the main house."

"Yeah, sixty-two rooms can get a little confining. I feel your pain."

"Plus, I wanted to check up on the work our handyman did." Jamie tapped the table with his foot, then shook it a little with both hands. "Sturdy," he observed...

* * *

Marley drops a bombshell, Kevin stuns Cass, Gregory defends himself to Sharlene, Sarah admits a lie, and the police zero in on a shocking suspect in Cecile's murder.

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