Monday, January 18, 2010

ANOTHER WORLD TODAY #37-1: Round Up The Usual Suspects...

Grant's first instinct upon finding Cecile's strangled body was to turn tail and leave as quickly as possible, wipe down the doorknob he'd touched and fervently hope that no one had seen him come in. He'd lived in Bay City long enough to know the drill. The person who finds the body inevitably is the one arrested for the crime, and although in most cases, the truly guilty party was eventually ferreted out, he had no intention of allowing even a temporary, false arrest to affect his standing in Kirkland's custody battle.

On the other hand, Grant's alerting the authorities might go a long way towards cementing what a good citizen he'd become upon his return. It could work to his advantage. Especially if, during their chat, Grant also happened to casually mention that the murdered woman's ex-husband, one Jamie Frame, had been having some sort of trouble with her lately... No, Grant wasn't aware of its nature. But it certainly warranted a conference with the good doctor, did it not?

Grant smiled, and reached for his phone....

* * *

Matt questions Jamie's relationship with Lorna, Sharlene confronts Gregory and Allie, Grant shakes Marley's confidence, while Cass and Frankie hide what they know about Lucas from Felicia.

Plus a classic Vicky/Marley scene!

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