Thursday, January 14, 2010


"I've been thinking," Matt said. "About the toast I gave at Thanksgiving. About Mac."

He'd come to Donna's office at KBAY-TV and shut the door behind him. Now he stood, fingers nervously tapping the chair back in front of him, looking anywhere in the room but directly at Donna.

His anxiety put her on the edge, as well. She waited silently for him to complete his thought, wondering what in the world Thanksgiving and Mac Cory could possibly have to do with the two of them.

"I said at Thanksgiving that Mac wasn't my stepfather. He was my father in every way that mattered. I think I kind of took that for granted my whole life. Or maybe it's the opposite. Maybe it's because Mac was my stepfather, but he always treated me as his own, that I felt like I could just coast. Mac was doing all the work to prove that he was my real father, so I didn't have to do anything to prove I was really his son."

Donna continued sitting quietly. So far, everything Matt had said was certainly interesting in an introspective, self-reflective, know-thyself-Phemonoe sort of way. Though she still had no idea what he thought he was getting at...

* * *

Matt and Donna reach an understanding, as do Charlie and Frankie. Spencer stumbles on information about Jamie, Amanda calls Kevin on his hypocrisy, Rachel gives Carl an answer, and Grant makes a discovery destined to turn Bay City upside down, all on the current episode of "Another World Today!"

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