Thursday, January 28, 2010


"My mother and Carl are Jenna's biological parents?" Marley said the words. She even heard them. She just couldn't make herself believe them. Or the subsequent implications.

"I really think you should talk to her," Matt urged. "She — "

"Has been lying to me," Marley shot back, her voice tight with anger. "Keeping secrets. Kidnapping people. My God, Matt, Jenna... died. She died because of my... her... our... mother."

"Donna never meant for that to happen. She never thought — "

"Donna had a pregnant woman kidnapped." Jamie, mentally reliving the last moments of Jenna's life, reliving the role his own actions played in her death, couldn't help seething with anger. "A woman with a history of high-risk gestation. How could she not think that — "

"She was scared, alight?" Matt flared. "Carl doesn't know that he's Jenna's father, and Donna didn't want him to know. She was afraid of what he might do."

"What?" Marley had to use her last ounce of self-control to keep from screaming. "What could Carl possibly do that would have been worse than what she ended up doing?"

* * *

Felicia faces handing Lori Ann off to Cass and Frankie, Spencer makes an impossible promise, Sarah senses a threat, GQ confronts Allie, and Rachel demands answers from Carl.

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