Monday, January 18, 2010



Lizzie dragged Mindy and Rick to the Spaulding Mansion, where Phillip had literally opened the doors and allowed anyone who wanted to come in and take whatever they liked.

"I am getting rid of everything that made Alan, well, Alan," Phillip explained. "I'm protecting my family. I am finally setting us all free."

Alex and Lizzie were both convinced that he'd snapped again, and begged Rick to do something. Beth took Peyton and simply left.

Mindy told Phillip, "You're scaring the hell out of Beth with this, you know."

"She just doesn't understand yet," he reassured. "Once I make her see that this is best for all of us, for the family, she'll come around."

"You know how Beth feels about other people deciding what's best for her. You know how she feels about being controlled. This is Edmund and Carl and Alan and Bradley all over again."

Those guys wanted to control Beth. I'm trying to make it so that no one is in control. Things can twist and possess you the same way people can. I'm trying to help all of us, including Beth, to let go."

"She doesn't want to let go. Beth wants control over her own life. She's been fighting for that as long as I've known her."

"And what has it gotten her?" Phillip challenged. "Pain, heartache, guilt, loneliness. Why not try another path? Could it be any worse?"

Bill came and Lizzie entreated for him to help. But Bill simply told his wife that it looked like Phillip had everything under control... and that it was none of their business what he chose to do with his things and his money. "Now. The girls are getting cold. Let's go home."

Rick, Mindy, Alex and Phillip expected a tantrum. But, much to everyone's shock, Lizzie acquiesced and drove away with her husband and daughters.

Fletch told Mindy that he'd been trying to reach Holly for days. Meg was about to age out of her current school and he and Holly needed to decide what to do for her next. Mindy promised to give her the message.

Rick accused Mindy of getting so over-involved in other people's lives because it gave her an excuse not to confront Billy about what they'd learned in San Francisco.

Mindy observed that sometimes, it wasn't that great to be married to a man who understood her so well.

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