Friday, October 24, 2008


One of the best things about soaps is how, thanks to the multitude of connections built up over the years by the characters, every scene is about two things: What the scene is presumed to be about, and what the scene is really about.

Exhibit A: The Edge of Night

In the episodes currently airing on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, the alleged topic at hand is the custody of little Jamey Swift. His mother, Raven, wants him. His father, Logan, wants him.

Clear and simple, right?

Not exactly.

On the stand now is April, the woman who once tried to adopt Jamey when Raven got bored with the whole Mommy thing and went traipsing off to Europe. April is married to Draper. Except that while Draper was presumed dead for half a year, April started developing feelings for Logan, Jamey's father -- and Draper's best friend.

When Draper returned, Logan backed off. But he still kind of, sort of wants April. And when Logan says that if he loses custody of Jamey he'll leave town, April isn't exactly an uninterested party in the matter.

Draper, meanwhile, was once engaged to Raven. He broke it off when he learned that Raven was having an affair with Draper's father, Ansel -- who also happened to be married to Raven's mother, Nadine.

Speaking of Nadine... Her money is the reason Raven is suddenly so interested in getting custody of Jamey. Jamey is Nadine's heir. For this reason, Deborah suspects Raven of having killed her mother.

Nadine's best friend, Geraldine, doesn't agree. But Geraldine has her own ax to grind with Raven. Raven was married to Geraldine's nephew, Kevin. Raven cheated on Kevin and became pregnant with Jamey. When Kevin found out, his behavior became so erratic that it led to Kevin's death.

So what happens when all of these different people and their conflicting agendas get together in one courtroom?

Tune into The Edge of Night right here and find out!

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