Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If this picture isn't worth a thousand words...

Then it must be worth two thousand. The Mise-en-scene* alone is certainly worthy of an obscure German classic.

Only this week, only on As The World Turns.

* Recently, the term has come to represent a style of conveying the information of a scene primarily through a single shot.... Overall, mise-en-scène is used when the director wishes to give an impression of the characters or situation without vocally articulating it through the framework of spoken dialogue. More here.


Katie said...

Thanks for posting this pic! I can't wait to see Jack propose to Janet this week. I would love to see more pics of the proposal, if you have more.

I'll definitely be watching ATWT to see what's in store for Jack and Janet.

nancyd said...

Oh Janet, what happened to the all or nothing girl? You know the one that wanted all of Jack or nothing? Jack already told you he and Carly will always have something "chemical." Just like Carly's there is the background now, if you marry Jack she's always gonna be part of that marriage lol.

One more obstacle for CarJack. Just like all the others this too will pass. Jack always turns to another woman when he tries to deny his feelings for Carly and usually proposes even though he's not ready for marriage. One step closer to the CarJack reunion. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Jack and Janet are a wonderful couple and I cannot wait to see him propose! They are adorable together and I cannot wait to see more of them! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Elizabeth Rowell said...

How romantic! I've always wished that my personal engagement story would be one where my "fiance" proposes to me out of guilt and denial! The icing on the cake for me, though, would be for my "fiance's" ex-wife/mother of his childre/current and always love of his life to be standing in my direct eyesight!

Yeah, enjoy watching the "proposal." It's just one step closer to the inevitable Carjack reunion that I will be looking forward to!