Friday, October 31, 2008


Alas, poor Janet (Julie Pinson). Is she destined to suffer the fate of Great Expectations' Miss Havishan?

In Charles Dickens' classic novel, the wealthy Miss Havisham fell in love with a man who did not truly love her back (rather, he was interested in her money). At twenty minutes to nine on her wedding day, as she was in the process of putting on her wedding gown and shoes, Miss Havisham received a note informing her that she'd been left at the altar.

Devastated, she had all of the clocks in her home stopped at precisely that moment, left their wedding feast, complete with cake, to rot on the table and continued to wear her white gown, with only one shoe, for over twenty years.

Miss Havisham went on to adopt a daughter, Estella. Initially, Miss Havisham meant only to protect the girl from suffering heartbreak as Miss Havisham had. Eventually, however, seeing how beautiful Estella turned out to be, Miss Havisham raised her to systematically toy with men and then to break their hearts -- Miss Havisham's revenge on the world and, by extension, on poor, besotted Pip.

But, Janet's in no danger of being left at the altar, is she? So Jack, Liberty and Parker have nothing to worry about. Right?

Happy Halloween!

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Miss Mary said...

Too funny. Watching that episode I was taken back to my junior hear in high school when we had to read "Great Expectations" for lit class. Oh... poor Janet - destined to be Miss Havasham in her wedding gown... sad, but funny at the same time