Thursday, October 09, 2008


In a one-woman show called "Passionate Broadway," running through Saturday at the Prince Frederick Masonic Lodge, O'Shea presents a montage of music from well-known composers and lyricists.

The lodge has been transformed into an intimate theater, thanks to the work of Northern High School's Amy Contanza, who provided the black stage curtains. Producer Janine Naus and lighting coordinator Daniel Beach were responsible for set design, along with O'Shea's son, Austin Peck, a New York actor who works in soap operas, including "As the World Turns."

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Isn't it nice to know that in real life, Peck seems to have a much better relationship with his mom than poor Brad Snyder does?

The lovely Dolores Snyder allowed Brad to take the blame for running over and killing his father years earlier, when she, in fact, had been the one drinking and driving. Jack blamed Brad for their dad's death and the brothers were estranged for years because of it.

As I've noted before:

ATWT Scriptwriter Susan Dansby (she wrote those fantastic Carly/Jack break-up scenes earlier in the year) has always said that she believes Jack's attraction to Carly stems from his complicated relationship with his mother, Dolores, a scheming, self-centered blonde who lied and cheated on his father, but whom he loves, anyway. Well, Brad was raised by the same mother. And if its a scheming, self-centered, not averse to telling a lie when it suits her purposes blonde that he craves, there is at least one other woman in Oakdale who currently fits that bill quite nicely, no?

Since then, Brad's married the aforementioned scheming self-centered blonde. I guess Brad and Jack really are mama's boys!

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