Thursday, October 23, 2008


Jack gives Janet a ring.

And now.... Carly's got her clothes off.

I am never going to understand men.

See if you can do any better.

Only this week, only on As the World Turns.


dharmabum said...

Let's see if I can explain it. Here are the facts:
-Jack loves Carly.
-Carly loves Jack.
-They can't live without each other. THey've tried, it doesn't work.
-They belong together.
-The majority of the fans want them to get their crap together, reunite, and in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, make it work.
-Jean Passanante refuses to write logical, character driven stories.

In light of these facts, I think it's pretty clear that Jack will choose pie and manicotti over true love. Tune in this week to As My Stomach Turns to see if I'm right.

Oakdalian said...

Forget understanding men. How about understanding writing?

I can do better.

Katie said...

Thanks for posting this! :)

I can't wait to see when Jack gives Janet the ring. The proposal was cute yesterday, but I'm sure this will be even better.

Javecia said...

Yes I can't wait. Janet looks so suprised. Im glad he made up his mind. So what he didnt choose Carly but at least he has someone. The writter is making Carly look like a cheap wedding crasher and I don't like it.

I say go Jacket..
Give them a chance.

CarJack Fan said...

Is Jacket for real? How pathetic is Janet for accepting a proposal from Jack when she knows he is still in love with Carly!! Really!! today is the first day Jack has even said he loved her and that's only after his emotional encounter with Carly and he was drunk!!! Jacket has no chemistry compared to Carly and Jack!!! As far as I'm concerned, CarJack is the most passionate couple on daytime tv!! Rooting for Carly........ Janet go back to where you came from!!!

Tala said...

I am so sick and tired of everyone rooting for CarJack. Ugh! So over! So what that they have children together, they are NOT good for eachother and it's time they move on! Janet is an awesome woman who has a great head on her shoulders. Jack is capable of loving someone other than that manupilative, sly and deceiving Carly. OOOhhhh I love Jack, oooohh I love Simon....Ohhh I love Mike....OOhhh I love Holden....OOOhh I love Jack, I mean for crying out loud already, die!