Wednesday, October 15, 2008


During the last few months, viewers of the CBS soap opera Guiding Light may have noticed one of the characters melting away right before their eyes. Caitlin Van Zandt who plays the role of Ashlee Wolfe recently lost more than 70 pounds. She was a plus size actress who never had trouble landing roles, but she knew she could look and feel better. More than a year ago, at the age of 22, Van Zandt weighed more than 200 pounds and suffered from high cholesterol, asthma and low self-esteem. Van Zandt was in town recently to talk about some changes she had made.

Watch video, here.


supersage21 said...

It would have been a good story to see the character "Ashlee" go through the process. Instead, the "backstage" happenings are more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they dropped the ball on yet another story that could've been truly interesting so that they could show us Daisy whining on a cell phone in a convenience store and Lizzie gagged and tied to a chair while Dinah knows exactly where she is and is content to leave her there while she gets mauled by that rabid dingo Grady.