Thursday, October 16, 2008


Lannon Killea appears on As The World Turns as Mark and serves as Kevin’s campaign manager beginning on Wednesday, October 22, when the Oakdale University election season heats up (What? There's another election happening? I hadn't noticed). The cut-throat contest will eventually involve not just Kevin, Luke and Noah, but Casey and Alison, as well.

Friday Night Lights recently featured a student-body election, as did Popular in the past. Everyone from Marcia and Greg Brady to Alex Keaton to the fictionalized Chris Rock have taken a stab at running for academic office in at least a single episode, and the feature film Election made Reese Witherspoon a star.

Yet soaps, which for so long have been trying to attract a young audience by featuring a young cast supposedly living relatable young lives haven't spent much time in the world of high-school or university politics a topic which, it would seem, is ripe for drama, passion, loyalty, betrayals, clandestine alliances and forbidden romances -- you know, all that soapy goodness.

Will ATWT continue to go where no soap has gone before? Tune in now and see!

And if I've missed a past storyline on the subject, please let me know in the Comments section below!


aprioriguy said...

Thank you for mentioning Luke and Noah and their new story line. I'm glad that they are finally going to get some air time and I'm looking forward to watching what's in store for them with this election.

Oakdalian said...

Didn't Tom run for district attorney once?

larry said...

thanks for covering the new Luke and Noah story line. After all, they are consistently voted the most popular couple on the show.

Rew said...

This was very interesting... and heartwarming to know that Luke and Noah are finally getting some air time... thanks for posting this... awesome!


greyhound798 said...

Yes!! So glad to see Luke and Noah finally getting some airtime. They have incredible chemistry and are too valuable and popular to languish in s/l Siberia. Since college life is a gold mine of story ideas, I hope to see them onscreen a lot more often in the future.