Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Should it be Grady and Daisy?

Grady and Ashlee?

Grady and Dinah?

Or Grady and... Reva?

(Or are you more of the hey, he's a killer, maybe it should be Grady and the state penitentiary mind set?)


Anonymous said...

The only pairing Grady needs to be in is with a lethal injection.

He's a psychotic, unrepentent murderer and statutory rapist, why is this show so obsessed with attempting to glamorize him? He could never be redeemed, at least not in my eyes. A thief like Cyrus? Fine, I can look past that, especially since he's fundamentally a good guy who wishes he could do the right thing. Cyrus was kind of a bad guy when he showed up but his motives were really understandable once you knew them. He took Dinah under his wing in Europe, he took care of her, and protected her from the authorities when she had no one to look out for her and in return, she sent him to prison to save herself. He was betrayed and outraged that he'd spent five years in prison while she spent alot of those years galavanting across Europe impersonating a princess and living the high life. I'd be pretty ticked too.

Even killing someone during a horrible nervous breakdown, like Dinah did Hart, I can understand and eventually get beyond it but not a coldblooded killer for money. No way. Did you see the look on Grady's face when Cassie was attacking Cyrus a few weeks ago? He was loving it and relishing her pain. He didn't come back because he's sorry about anything or because he missed Daisy or any of that. He came back to punish Cyrus for whatever he thinks is his fault about his life.

I'm sure the writers have it in their heads that "He's only a hitman, that's not soooooo bad. Even Mallet used to kill people for money and people still like him, right? Even though he's sleeping with his goddaughter now, which grosses people out so badly that we can't even show them doing anything but back to G, doesn't he look alot like Tom Pelphrey and the girls loved him, right? And as long as they're cute, who cares what they've done."

Grady is nothing more than a lame attempt to try and reattract the Jonathan fans with a guy who also has long, dark hair, a long rap sheet, and is oh, so angry and brooding. They're also trying to turn Daisy/Grady into a Jammy ripoff complete with Ashlee getting strung along on the side. Again. We haven't seen much of Kane Manera yet, but I think we've seen enough to know that he ain't Pelphrey. They haven't caught lightning in a bottle twice.

Isn't it bad enough that this show spent three years shoving the psychotic arsonist, kidnapper, and incest freak Jonathan down our throats but now they're gonna try and recreate the relative success of Jon & Tammy by pairing an even more disgusting criminal than Jonathan with an even younger, more naive fool than Tammy? Daisy's obsession with this loser is desperate, pathetic, and rooted in Harley's selfish abandonment of her daughter for her own sick reasons. Buzz and Reva need to get this girl into serious therapy, not playing these silly little games with her dangerous compulsion.

The notion of pairing that loser with a girl as insecure and sensitive as Ashlee is even sicker. There's a heinously abusive relationship in the making. No thanks.

Dinah belongs with Mallet, not Chewbacca and Mallet doesn't belong with his 14 year-old goddaughter either.

Reva's already been demeaned and dumbed-down enough already by being stuck with the vile serial rapist Jeffrey just because they can't find anywhere else on the canvas to stick his worthless butt after five LONG years of trying to make this pathetic, ill-conceived character fit just because he happens to look like Cassie's dead husband? I know exactly where he belongs. How about a nice dark, damp cell in San Cristobel serving 25-30 years for two counts of first degree sexual assault? That's where he belongs.

You want a romantic pairing, put Cyrus & Marina back together. They were a good, young couple that the show actually spent time building towards, who waited more than six months to have sex for the first time, and he was willing to die to save her from a kidnapper. Good stuff. But in the blink of an eye and with no explanation or anything, they had him acting like he felt nothing for her, he was schtumping her selfish, backstabbling aunt in the back of a parked car, he was committing petty crimes with her brat, and screwing her best friend in an abandoned barn?! What?! I mean, what?! What the heck was the point?

Between SelfRighteousHitmanMallet moving in on his goddaughter who practically looks young enough to be his own grandchild, ScumbagMurdererGrady sexing it up with the underage DingBatDaisy, BrainDeadBeth going back to PsychoKillerAlan, and the ever insane Josh & Cassie debacle, it's no wonder women are fleeing this pathetic excuse for a soap like it's the freaking plague. Because it is! No wonder Chappell is apparently out when her contract expires in September. If you listen very closely you can almost hear Ricky Paul Goldin and Beth Ehlers screaming in unison to the remaining actors on this show: "Run! Run! Run for your careers, before it's too late!"

mysticgal said...

Damn if I don't just love that picture of Reva and Grady. Now that is a woman who could teach that thug a thing or two!

powerpuff0209 said...

I think it should be Grady in Prison. He Might have changed but I am yet to see improvement in his character Dinah,reva would never be with him and Ashlee is a little desperate right now and Daisy is lovestruck.

supersage21 said...


Are you freakin' serious?!? Why would I want Grady with any body on the show? Am I the only one that thinks there should be more Lewises in town? More Spauldings? More Bauers? Where's Shayne? Where's Michelle? Where's Alan Michael?

WHY would viewers want Grady? He killed Tammy, for cripes sake.

AAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhh! Makes me ill.

elvara said...

He's a KILLER!!! Forget this character. Get him in jail and throw away the key. And put Alan and Lizzie with him. Gawd EW must really think I'm stupid.

chris said...

I don't have any issue with the actor but this is really absurd! HE KILLED TAMMY!!! How can we really ever move beyond that. I wish it could ahve been an evil twin that did it but...HE KILLED TAMMY! However, if he is paired with anyone let it be Dinah- I miss her being bad- enough of sweet Dinah!

christine said...

i think the actor is wonderful his character best suited to, bad nights in springfield!

Mo said...

Wow, there's a lot of passion over this debate.
I like the actor, not the character's past. But he certainly does NOT belong with Reva!

Billie said...

I thinks its a real stretch to try to redeem Grady. I like the idea of him as a really bad guy that is plotting something better. I like the actor but a killer is a killer. And he has actually suggested killing Alan if its his word against his own. So I don't know I think you got your hands full if you think you are going to reform this one.