Monday, July 21, 2008

M & M

GL's Mallett & Marina...

Mmm, mmm, good.


supersage21 said...

Um, not nice. Mallet was married to her aunt, Mallet is her godfather and Mallet is old enough to be her father!!!

Don't really care if they are dating in real life.

Anonymous said...


I don't care who is with who off-screen, that's their business. But when we're talking about on-screen, these two have nothing. Mallet and Marina used to have some friendship chemistry, but that was it and now even that's gone. Whatever chemistry they do have is just not translating and the age difference and the fact that Mallet was once married to Harley and changed baby Marina's diapers is only a part of the problem.

I knew Bogue and Bruno were together IRL the minute the friendship chemistry that Mallet and Marina once shared on-screen died but wasn't replaced by any passion as their relationship supposedly escalated. They, Bruno in particular, seem extremely uncomfortable and almost embarrassed to be doing couples scenes together. Maybe they hold back when they're with each other because they don't want to bring their real feelings into the scene. I don't know but throwing two characters together just because the actors are a couple is almost always a recipe for disaster and Mallet/Marina is no exception. Onscreen, Bogue and Bruno have only clicked well with Tognoni and Bartlett, respectively.

Billie said...

Oh man I want a Cyrus and Marina picture. I agree that Marina has the best chemistry with Cyrus and Mallet is best with Dinah.

M & M are way too much the same type of character and both work well with their respective criminals.

But the pictures are beautiful bothe Bogue and Bruno look gorgeous.

nell said...

Whatever Bruno and Bogue have in real life does not transfer to the screen in the form of Mallet and Marina. A more boring couple I've never seen (well maybe Josh and Cassie) I really hope they never cross the line and become lovers they should remain friends and thats all! The age difference,the godfather part just make it gross.