Monday, July 14, 2008


Judging by the chatter on various message boards, Josh and Reva's kiss last Friday certainly stirred up quite a response.

If you missed it -- or just want to experience it again -- check out the photo below.

Cassie seems rather broken up about the whole thing.

Reva... not so much.

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A Drake said...

Good morning PGP,

Please reply to this post.

I had been waiting months for the old episodes of Edge of Night to be fixed so I could watch them again. I recently spent a few weeks in Hawaii (from Toronto) and tried the episodes and they worked!

So it seems like there is something either about my location (Canada) or the computer I am using that doesn't allow me to see the old episodes. I can see the newest one no problem.

Are you guys still working on this or should I give up on the old episodes?

Thanks so much for your reply!