Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Are Janet/Liberty (ATWT) or Blake/Clarissa (GL) daytime's answer to The Gilmore Girls?

Both teams feature children worlds more mature than their flighty, youth-obsessed single parents. And both come from shows with a long history of less than healthy mother/daughter relationships.

On As The World Turns, Lily has had herself unadopted and readopted by Lucinda so many times, neither one remembers where exactly their legal status stands these days.

And then there are Susan and Emily. Susan drank and neglected her way through most of Emily's childhood, then seemed surprised when the barely legal teenage girl ended up as James Stenbeck's arm candy, not to mention a needy homewrecker and then, briefly, a hooker, to boot.

On Guiding Light, Lillian Raines turned a deliberate blind eye to the fact that her abusive husband was also beating her daughter. Beth had to be raped by her stepfather before Lillian was forced to deal with the situation and protect her child.

And Blake herself knows all about dysfunctional mother/daughter dynamics. Her own mother, Holly, once blurted out that she'd never loved Blake. The disconnect presumably stemmed from Blake being the child of devious Roger Thorpe, who'd previously raped and kidnapped Holly. But, then again, Blake sleeping with and stealing her mother's fiance most likely didn't help the situation.

Do you have a favorite daytime mother/daughter combo? Let us know in the Comments section below!


Esther said...

Blake and Holly all the way. :) Of course, seeing Holly watch the Blake/Clarissa dynamic in action would add so many layers to the story.

Mo said...

Don't forget about Vanessa and Dinah.
Of course, Ava marrying her mom's ex this week.... wait, so if the marriage goes through, will Bill be Emma's uncle AND adopted father???

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Hi, Mo -

You're right - I wrote about poor little Emma's twisted family tree, here: http://pgpclassicsoaps.blogspot.com/2008/06/how-cute-how-cute-are-guiding-light.html#links

Oakdalian said...

Do you people have any idea what the history of your own soaps is? Lily had her adoption disaffirmed ONCE after Lucinda lied about Holden's whereabouts when he lost his memory. Before that she ran away many times.