Monday, July 28, 2008


As promised last week, a photo of Guiding Light's entire Boudreau family, reunited in the face of Remy's greatest crisis.

Fasten your seat-belts for some intense father/son scenes, as Clayton helps Remy come to terms with the Max situation.

Not to mention the situation with Remy and Max's other dad.

In related news, actress Michelle Ray Smith, who plays Ava, gave birth to her own son, Jake, on July 8 (a fun fact: Michelle's on-screen mom, Crystal Chappell, also has a son named Jake, as does co-star Kim Zimmer). Below are some photos of Michelle's last day on the GL set before going on maternity leave.


RoseVioletDaisy said...

Please tell me that this means that the Boudreaus are going to be featured alot more. I don't expect Montel Williams to be available alot, but it would be nice to see Clayton as often as he's willing to appear. At the very least, I'd love to see Mel and Felicia both have their airtime significantly increased with this story between Remy versus Bill and his family kicking off. said...

Great storyline and GH is the only soap opera on TV besides OLTL, long long long time ago,to have this type of story line.