Thursday, July 10, 2008


As Margo continues to lose her mind over Casey's involvement with Emily this week -- and really, what's the big deal? Wasn't that Margo waxing sarcastic to Katie just a few short months ago about how dating members of the same family wasn't against the law in Oakdale? So maybe Emily slept with Margo's brother-in-law. And the father of her oldest son. And Margo's husband. Heck, that practically makes her family herself! -- we take a moment to check out some pix from actress Ellen Dolan's most recent photo shoot.


Protect and serve Margo.

Down-home Margo.

Happy Margo.

Thinking about Emily Margo.

(P.S. Margo and Emily have another man in common - James Stenbeck. At least when Emily was sleeping with him, James was merely presumed dead. When Margo was sleeping with him, he was still married to Barbara.)


schiffeg68 said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Wolfsmoon said...
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Wolfsmoon said...

Ah, but you're leaving out the fact that Emily had to maliciously manipulate just to have her one-night stand with Tom. Margo had been her friend, even helping her through her rape, and Emily turned around to stab her in the back in the worst possible way. She lied that Margo was having an affair with Eddie. She planted abortion pamphlets when she found out that Margo was pregnant, even calling the clinic in Margo's name - setting into motion the events which directly lead to Margo's miscarriage. She tried to frame Margo for Alec's murder, then played the poor widdle martyr when she realized that Tom was looking for incriminating evidence against her to clear his wife. Margo made the effort to tolerate Emily for Daniel's sake in recent years, showing compassion toward her after her attempted suicide, but how is that repaid? By walking in on Emily standing in her house, in nothing but her bra and undies. Despite knowing she could lose her son, Emily's once again hovering around the Hughes family. Yeah, I really don't blame Margo for losing her mind. I think she's finally fed up. Unlike her, I would've pulled the trigger on the spot.

Nice pics of Ellen Dolan, though.

Miss Mary said...

Absolutely gorgeous Ellen! Love the captions! "Thinking about Emily Margo" LOL!!! :)