Monday, May 05, 2008


Sunday, May 4 marked forty-four years since Another World premiered on NBC.

The first soap to extend to an hour, then ninety minutes (then back to an hour), the first soap to cross a character over from one show to another (Guiding Light's Mike Bauer and his young daughter, Hope, temporarily relocated from Springfield to Bay City), and the first to launch a pair of spin-offs, Somerset and Texas, Another World, despite going off the air in 1999, continues to hold a variety of genre records.

Their classic triangle of Rachel, Steve and Alice set the standard for angelic rich girl fights social-climbing poor girl for self-made stud (with a good number of viewers rooting for the supposed bad girl), while Iris Cory practically defined the selfish, spoiled Daddy's pet.

Read all about Another World's glory days here, here and here.

Then tune in to the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel to watch the action for yourself!


Greg said...

Speaking of AW and Texas, so sorry to hear about Beverlee McKinsey's passing this weekend. She will be missed.

awtribute said...

Thank you for the official recognition of AW's anniversary, and it's milestones (as well as the AOL Videos that take me back!!). AW is VERY much missed, but lives on online (I try to help at myspace dot com slash awtributeannex), and in our hearts and memories.... Happy 44th, AW!!!

"Everyone we love stays with us, if we let them...."
--Alice, to Rachel, after Mac's funeral (AW, 1989)