Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tina Sloan (Lillian) is celebrating her 25th anniversary with Guiding Light this month.

Tina joined the show in 1983 as the abused wife of vicious sociopath Bradley (James Rebhorn -- who would go on to play an even more vicious sociopath on ATWT). Lillian was so cowed by her violent husband that she turned a blind eye to the abuse Bradley was also inflicting on Lillian's daughter, Beth. Bradley ended up raping his stepdaughter. (On ATWT, Rebhorn's character went a step further and raped his own biological daughter.)

Beth Chamberlin has played Beth on and off since 1989. She lauded Tina with the following:

“To say that Tina is the best TV mom anyone could ask for, doesn't begin to touch just how much she has meant to me over the years. She has protected me, mentored me, inspired me and prodded me (I occasionally need this). By her example, she has taught me to be a better actress, friend, and co-worker. She is gracious, elegant and vivacious. I consider it one of the great good fortunes of my life to have been put into her beautiful orbit.”

You can visit to see a vintage Lillian clip in the Whats News section.


supersage21 said...

Wouldn't hurt the show one bit to have "Lillian" on more often and with a front burner story.

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