Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Daisy gets a blast from her not particularly pleasant past when "G" (once again played by Kane Manera), Daisy's old boyfriend who ran down poor Tammy back in 2007, returns to Guiding Light on Monday, June 2.

This time around, "G" reconnects with Daisy... but also catches the eye of another young woman on the canvas.

The biggest surprise, however, may be "G's" secret connection to Springfield. Turns out he's related to someone already on the canvas -- and that somebody isn't too pleased to see "G." Or to see what "G" has turned in to.

Who is the mystery girl? Who is the mystery relative?

Tune into GL this summer and find out!

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Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that the writers at GL, if there are any left (which judging by the disjointed nonsense on our screens doesn't seem to be the case) don't actually think that anybody is dumb enough to be surprised by any of this crap.

From the nanosecond Cyrus showed up in Springfield, everybody with half-a-brain knew that he'd end up being related to the only other Australian criminal who's ever been on the show, Tammy's murderer. Anyone who hadn't figured it out already, knew it once he schtumped Tammy's mother in a barn for no apparent reason whatsoever except to put them in each other's orbit for the not-so-shocking "oh dear, he's Gee's brother" reveal. The only problem is: it isn't shocking or even clever. It's so utterly predictable that's almost physically painful. So is the fact that just before the aforementioned "reveal", Gee will start screwing Marina, the fiancee that Cyrus jilted because he was sleazing it up all over town with her own slutty basketcase of an aunt.

This is all about as surprising and interesting as making Ava Olivia's daughter, which everybody saw coming more than a year and a half before they did it and hated every step of the way. Not to mention the fact that Cyrus has already been butchered almost beyond recognition over the last six months in order to facilitate that skanky sex-fest with Harley, was it really necessary to tie him to a vicious drug-dealing murderer now that The Coupling-From-Hell is finally, mercifully over? Would it have been so terrible to use the exit of Harley as a means to return Cyrus to the real, interesting man he used to be before he was turned into a stupid, sleazy loser by her?