Wednesday, May 07, 2008


An obituary for the late, great Beverlee McKinsey in The Chicago Tribute.

Info about her most famous character, Another World and Texas' Iris, here and here.


Alvin said...

I love how you've conveniently forgotten that she also originated and defined the role of Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light...

Oakdalian said...

Alvin, to mention the most successful portrayal of Alexandra would disrespect Marj Dusay, someone who gets no screen time to showcase her interpretation.

LovingLight said...

I am very sad.
I really adored Beverlee's Alexandra. She was absolutely extraordinary on Guiding Light.
I can't believe P&G forget her.

awtribute said...

So sad to hear about Ms. McKinsey's passing. Wish she were still with us to give us all more acting greatness.... *sigh* Way too many Bay Cityites have 'left the building' :-(

Derek said...

June 5, 2008

As a tribute to the late and great Beverlee McKinsey, would it be possible to reinstate all the Texas episodes which have been removed from the AOL page? There are currently no episodes listed prior to 164.

Some classic moments with McKinsey are now missing for new fans, including the reunion scenes with Bert Kramer's Alex (episodes 1 + 2), McKinsey's final scenes with the late actors Douglass Watson and Paul Stevens (11 + 13), the disrupted wedding ceremony (79-81), the discovery that Alex was still alive (around 100) and the joyful reunion with Vivien (134).

In addition to restoring the early episodes, would it be possible to ask AOL for a more reliable player? The early episodes played effortlessly, but the more recent one leave a continual "loading" message after the commercial airs.

Thanks so much. You are to be commended for making all of this material available to devoted fans. Making it more user-friendly would help in attracting more on-line traffic to the site.