Thursday, May 08, 2008


ATWT's Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley) with Tom Hughes (Scott Holmes), Chris Hughes (Dylan Bruce) and Casey Hughes (Billy Magnussen).


No reason.

Just some pictures.


Erica Kane said...

Yeah so Emily will probably sleep with can tell Jean Passanante is back. Can she go back on strike???? Really can she???

Wolfsmoon said...

Yuck! I feel like I'm watching B&B and Brooke's conquest of the Forrester men. Look out, Kim, Em might be coming after Bob next! This Hughes/Stewart thing is so been there and done that, it's overdone. I can't believe Casey would actually sleep with his half-brother's mother and the woman who has done so much to his family.

Erica Kane said...

Well wolfsmoon get used to it. Jean Passanante is determined to ruin this show the way Megan McTavish ruined All My Children. I think every single actor on ATWT deserves an emmy nomination for actually coming to work and playing the crap that she writes for them.