Friday, May 16, 2008


(Caleb) Collins, a 6- year-old student at Laurel Elementary School, is a recurring character on CBS's afternoon soap opera, "Guiding Light." He plays James Spaulding, the son of Beth and Phillip Spaulding.

"It feels kind of weird when I see myself on TV," Caleb said. "How can I be here and there at the same time?"

Read the entire interview, here.

Fun fact: The first actor to play James' dad, Phillip, Jarrod Ross (black and white photo above), was also six years old when he assumed his role. Young Jarrod played Alan's (and Elizabeth's, and Jackie's and Justin's; get the whole story here) pride and joy for four years. In 1981, Phillip, whose voice was just starting to change, was shipped off to boarding school. Where, as things are wont to happen in Springfield and its neighboring towns, he returned a year later played by strapping twentysomething Grant Aleksander.