Monday, August 06, 2007


It's never too early to keep an eye out for the super-couple of the future. On Guiding Light, it just may turn out for be RJ (Miles Williams) and Emma (Kathryn Hall).

Of course, in an incestuous town like Springfield, it's imperative to do a possible blood-relation check (though that hardly stopped Jonathan and Tammy, did it?) before officially anointing any pairings (and by officially, I mean with a combo nickname).

So let's see, biologically speaking, RJ's parents are Cassie and the late Hart, while Emma's are Olivia and the not-quite-as-late-as-once-thought Phillip. RJ was adopted by Prince Richard, and Emma by Bill. Which means that once Cassie marries Josh, RJ will be stepcousin to Emma's adoptive dad. (We're not even going to get into Richard once being married to both Reva and Cassie, and engaged to Olivia).

Seems about par for the romantic course in the Lewis family.

So should we be looking forward to Em-J in about five SORASed years? I'm sure there's nothing Olivia would like better than to see her precious little girl with a nephew of Reva's....

Let us know your thoughts on the possible pairing, below!


ladyjr8 said...

These kids are cute enough now but if they SORAS them with the right actors I say bring it on. Imagine Cassie and Olivia bonding (or not)as the kids start dating or more! what a lot of storyline that would be!

Stephanie said...

Soras them to be Daisy's and Rafes age and bring it on!