Thursday, August 30, 2007


Nineteen-year-old resident Maria Fatibene, a "Guiding Light" fan for nearly a decade, knew she had won a visit from the show’s golden Emmy statue and a producer, but had no idea one of the show’s stars, Caitlin Van Zandt, was coming to see her Wednesday, too. Van Zandt, who portrays the character Ashlee, gave Fatibene a Guiding Light mug, hat, magnet, keychain, bracelet and T-shirts. Fatibene got to hold the Emmy statue, and her guests, who also included Maria Macina, a show producer, presented her with a bouquet.

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Erica Kane said...

It would be nice if you could add a feature here that let's us ask you questions about the shows. I for one would like to know what happened to ATWT's Opening Credits??