Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Darnell Williams returns as Griggs on Tuesday, August 21 to reveal a shocking new plot in connection with another Springfield heavyweight.

Plus, his presence doesn't exactly do wonders for Dinah's (Gina Tognoni) already fragile state of mind.

Will Griggs' comeback drive her over the edge? And who is Griggs' current, secret partner in crime?

Find out next week, only on Guiding Light.


Stephanie said...

I bet that it is cyrus! What are they doing to this character? First the break up now this?

Oakdalian said...

I hope this role turns out to be worth Darnell's time. P&G gave him a pretty useless role on ATWT in the 90s.

PaulGosselin said...

I'm excited to see how this will effect Dinah's story... Gina breaks my heart everytime she's been on since her condition started!