Wednesday, August 22, 2007


By now, Guiding Light fans know that David Andrew MacDonald is returning to his role as Prince Edmund Winslow.

Here are some more details, exclusively from the PGP Classic Soaps Blog:

David's stay is open-ended (as of now, he's been written into at least a month's worth of story), with no definite departure date.

The Prince is out of the San Cristobel jail we last saw him in, and has returned to Springfield.

Does he still carry a torch for sister-in-law turned wife turned ex-wife, Cassie?

And, more importantly, does Cassie's new husband, Josh, believe that Edmund still carries that torch?

Will Edmund's feelings for the latest Mrs. Lewis prove her salvation, or her downfall? Or, to put it less cryptically, will Edmund spill her secrets or help Cassie bury them?

Find out, only this fall, only on GL!

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