Monday, August 20, 2007


Michael Corbett bought his first investment home at the age of 19 after his acting career in daytime soaps provided him with a little extra cash.

"I had a $10,000 check from my first soap opera when I was on Ryan's Hope and I thought what better a place to invest it than in buying a house. So I bought it and I fixed it up and then I put it back on the market and I made a lot of money," says Corbett.

That experience encouraged him to found Highland Properties -- a company that has bought, restored, and sold dozens of homes and apartment buildings. Corbett juggled his soap opera acting jobs on soaps such as Ryan's Hope, Search for Tomorrow, and The Young and the Restless all while growing his real estate career. Today, he is the Real Estate and Lifestyle expert for NBC's number-one TV news magazine show, Extra. He also hosts and produces Extra's hour-long weekend TV show, Mansions & Millionaires.

To read more about Search for Tomorrow's ex-Warren, click here. To watch Corbet in daytime action, check out the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's broadcast of SFT, here.

Plus, reminiscences from Michael's co-stars, Louise Shaffer (Rae; RH/Stephanie; SFT) and Lisa Peluso (Wendy; SFT).

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