Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Short answer: Winning a boatload of Emmys for playing Adam and Stuart Chandler on AMC.

Longer Answer: Canary will appear as Fagin, leader of a troupe of pickpockets in the musical directed by William Roudebush, PAI’s musical theater production director.

“What the PAI students learn from David Canary is professionalism and a high level of preparation,’’ said Roudebush. “Soap opera actors are some of the most astute actors in the business and have the ability to adapt themselves to an ever-changing creative environment. These PAI students will be on stage with a true professional.’’

Complete story, here.

And to see him Before He Was Adam, check out the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel's current broadcast of Another World. Steve Frame is almost ready to make his return from the dead. But he has to wait for the right time. As of today's episode, his former wife, Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) is unhappy. She's in jail, falsely convicted of killing her lover, Mitch, while ex-husband, Mac, does everything he can to clear Rachel's name. Steve couldn't come back now. He has to wait until all of Rachel's troubles seem to be over....

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