Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Thanks to everyone who responded to my provocative posts, Baby Love and Baby Love II.

Since I can't help you out by providing a Willen baby on the spot, here's the next best thing: new photos of Will (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Gwen (Jennifer Landon).

Maybe you can use some software to morph their faces and see what a biological baby of theirs would look like.

If you do, make sure you provide us with a link to the results!


ATWT Fan said...

Sorry but flashing around new pictures are not going to make the Will & Gwen fans happy. We will not be happy until we get a Willen biological baby.

Bella said...

The new pictures are beautiful. However, since the writers have killed off the baby that the fans wanted, I won't be making bio baby pics. I realize that you don't control what the writers do, but I hope that you pass on the viewers' thoughts to TPTB. Please do let them know how we feel about the decision to kill off the baby. Also please tell them that we feel that after all Will and Gwen and their fans have been through, they deserve happiness and another miracle. A miracle of their own that lives.

Erica Kane said...

Off topic, but What happened to the Opening Credits today 8/29??? Are they working on something new or updating the old one??? I hope this is not permanent.

Stephanie said...

New pics aren't going to make me look forward to the Willen storyline. I like Will & Gwen along with Sophie & Cole, but they SO need to be backburned! Give others (Tom, Margo, Bob, Kim, Lisa, etc) a chance at the spotlight.