Monday, March 25, 2013


"Rachel thinks the compound is responsible for Carl and the children’s disappearance.  And Lorna’s, too.”  The look in Lucas’ eyes was enough to encourage Donna to guess, “That notion has crossed your mind, as well, hasn’t it?”

“Impossible for it not to,” he mumbled.  “Carl made some dangerous enemies.  Sure, he tried to pin all the blame on Spencer, but, despite his being convinced of it, Carl is hardly the cleverest game-player on the board.  He’s been outsmarted before.  It’s conceivable he was, again.”

“Rachel thinks it was a two-pronged revenge.  That taking Lorna was a way to make you suffer.”

“Mission accomplished then.”

“And that it’s possible they’re all still alive.”

“I’ve put out some feelers,” Lucas admitted.


“Nothing.  Not a peep from the usual suspects.  If Carl is alive somewhere, he’s got a hell of a network protecting him.”

“Or holding him,” Donna noted.

Lucas smiled grimly.  “You’ll forgive me if the image of the great Carl Hutchins shackled in a dark room somewhere, deprived of foie gras and Shakespearean sonnets fills me with a certain amount of satisfaction bordering on glee.”


Donna attempts to do as Rachel ordered while Russ attempts to put Rachel's mind at ease.  Iris attempts to make Dennis see the truth about Marley, Frankie attempts to give Charlie what she wants, and Kevin and Amanda attempt to go on with their marriage.

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