Thursday, March 21, 2013


Rachel said.  “Spencer, Carl and Lucas all tried to bring down the compound two years ago.  Spencer was killed, Carl has been kidnapped, and Lucas… well, what could possibly hurt Lucas more than the knowledge that his daughter was now suffering exactly the way he’d suffered?  Because of him.”

“The compound has been disbanded," Donna reminded.  "Their Canada site was compromised.”

“You expect me to believe there was only one site?”

“This isn’t Club Med.  They weren’t a franchise.”

“And here I thought you didn’t know anything about it,” Rachel smirked.

“You think I know what’s happened to Carl?”

“No,” Rachel admitted.

“Well, thank goodness for that.”

“But, I think you can find out.”


Rachel demands that Donna help her find Carl, Iris attempts to convince Sarah of Marley's true intentions, Kirkland has some advice for Grant, Charlie makes a confession to Frankie, Jen encourages GQ, and Olivia has a risky proposition for a shell-shocked Matt.

Not a single sensible decision is made by anyone on today's AWT:


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