Monday, March 04, 2013


“What do you think?” Graciously allowing Sarah to carry Daisy up the stairs, Grant bringing up the rear, Marley proudly displayed the new nursery.

“It’s… beautiful,” Sarah admitted.

She didn’t know how Marley did it but, in the space of a few days, she’d managed to transform what had once been an adult’s office into the perfect little girl’s room, the walls painted in a pattern of delicate daisy chains, the furniture, the chairs, even the lamps, all in yellow and white.  There were flowery sheets on her crib, several teething rings in the shapes of daisies and even a music box that played Bicycle Built for Two… otherwise known as Daisy Bell.

“You kind of made it easy to come up with a theme,” Marley complimented Sarah.

“Marley really worked hard to have this all ready in time for Daisy’s visit,” Grant said.

“I’m sure her room at your house is equally as nice,” Marley said.

“Well… actually, I haven’t had a lot of time yet…”

“Of course not,” Marley patted Sarah on the shoulder, managing to slip Daisy from her at the same time.  “And who can blame you?  You must be dead on your feet, taking care of a baby all by yourself.  Have you gotten any sleep at all this week?”


Marley makes her intentions towards Grant and Sarah perfectly clear... just not to Grant and Sarah.  Chase refuses to quit and makes his offer to another of Lorna's loved ones, Frankie realizes that Cass went behind her back regarding Charlie, Matt confronts Olivia, and Rachel gets a phone call that just might change everything.  But only if YOU want it to at:


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