Monday, March 18, 2013


“My husband was not a stupid man,” Rachel said.

“Neither was mine," Alice reminded.

“If Carl found out what Spencer was planning, of course he’d protect himself by making sure that he struck first.”

“And do you have any evidence for this theory of yours?”

“Carl, Elizabeth and Cory may still be alive,” Rachel said.

“I hope they are.  For your sake.  But what does Spencer….”

“If Spencer gave the order to have Carl held against his will, that order may not have been cancelled following Spencer’s death.  The compound might have still gone through with it.  Last summer.  They might have snatched Carl and the children.”

“Rachel,” Alice struggled to keep her tone civil, which was not an easy task under the circumstances.  “Is this really the narrative you’ve chosen to embrace?  Have you truly convinced yourself that not only was Carl’s betrayal of Spencer actually nothing less than an act of justifiable self-defense, but that his latest atrocity, making off with your children and your son’s wife – “

“We don’t know that.”

“ – That’s somehow Spencer’s fault, too?”


Rachel turns to Alice for the truth about Carl, while Felicia asks Lucas for some of the same.  Jamie is on to Olivia's game... somewhat, and that goes for Iris and Marley, as well.  Kirkland reels from Charlie's rejection, and Frankie makes a dangerous choice where her daughter is concerned.

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