Monday, March 11, 2013


Felicia’s unexpected arrival served to temporary pull Rachel out of the trance she’d been in ever since receiving the mysterious phone call that may or may not have been from Cory.  That may or may not prove her family was still alive.  Somewhere.

“I’m sorry to barge in like this,” Felicia said.  “But I needed to speak to you.  It’s important.  It’s – it’s about Lorna.”

Rachel’s breath caught in her throat and, for a moment, she believed that Felicia might have gotten a similar phone call.  Which meant that Rachel wasn’t imaging things, her husband and children were still alive.  And, for some reason, Lorna was with them.  The hope Rachel felt at receiving confirmation was followed almost instantaneously with dread at the prospect of finally learning just what precisely had happened to them all.

“Chase Hamilton came to see me,” Felicia said.

And those first inklings of dread turned into a monsoon.

“What now?” Rachel asked through gritted teeth.

“He’s come up with a different approach.  Chase went to Jamie and asked him to press kidnapping charges against Carl.  This would open new avenues for the investigation into Lorna’s disappearance – “

“How could he?” Rachel seethed, cutting off the rest of Felicia’s explanation.  “How could he do this to me?  After everything I’ve done his way, after the way I’ve bent over backwards, ignored my own feelings in favor of his?  How could Jamie throw in with that despicable man over me?”


Rachel and Felicia reach the heart of the matter in Lorna's disappearance, Grant offers Lila a new way to look at his situation, while Lila asks Chase to do the same with Kevin.  Cass and Frankie shatter Charlie's world, Matt reaches the end of his rope with Donna, and Sarah nearly breaks down in front of Iris.

All on today's AWT:


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