Tuesday, June 05, 2012


If I were Margaret Mitchell, the first thing I’d have done after the runaway success of “Gone With the Wind” (okay, the second; the first would have been to hire a cleaning lady, the indulgence I currently dream of), the second thing I would have done is write a sequel.

And not just for the money (though, you know, good cleaning ladies don’t come cheap).  In fact, it wouldn’t have been for the money, at all.  It would have been because, as a reader and as a writer, once I fall in love with a set of characters, I want to know what happens to them next.

I suppose it’s my background of watching – and working in – soap operas.  There’s always a what happens next in soap operas (well, at least until an actor decides to leave the show, or that they can’t stand their leading man another minute – but, even then, a new face on an old character can sometimes still keep the story going.  But, I digress).

Why can’t books be the same way?

I want to know what happened to Scarlett and Rhett after the door slam heard ‘round Atlanta.  I want to know the fate of Anna Karenina’s children, and whether the second Mrs. De Winter ever wised up and left her wife-killer husband, and especially how Wesley and the Princess Bride managed to keep their mutual promise never to die first (I have very eclectic tastes in literature).

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