Thursday, June 21, 2012


"I beg to differ.” The merriment drained out of Chase’s demeanor, and he was matching Rachel rancor for rancor now. “Your husband has violated federal, state, and local law. And he has been doing so ever since the moment he signed his pledge not to.”

“What harm has he done?” Rachel challenged. “I dare you to show me one person who has suffered due to my husband’s allegedly illegal actions.”

“Do you read the papers, Mrs. Hutchins?”

“Religiously. And the only place I’ve seen my husband’s name come up is on the society pages, usually touting charitable donations he’s made or causes he’s supported.”

“That’s because – in stark contrast to the terms of his release – your husband has gone out of his way to place a Wall of China sized barrier between himself and the companies he has continued to run. Meanwhile, those companies, by skirting on the outside of the law, have been colluding to control and manipulate prices, to set up financial cartels and monopolies, and to, no more no less, destabilize a good chunk of the world’s economy. Are you aware of what’s happening in Greece these days? In all of Europe?”

“I should think you’d approve,” Rachel bluffed, unwilling to admit that she didn’t understand precisely what he was accusing Carl of. “Aren’t you a libertarian, Mr. Hamilton? Didn’t you run on a pro-business platform? Whatever happened to your love of capitalism and free markets?”

“The definition of free markets, Mrs. Hutchins, is that they are not being controlled by clandestine, underground forces. They’re free, not artificially manipulated, by either the government, or private entities.”

“You forced my husband underground. If you had only allowed him to hold on to his companies from the start, none of this would have happened. He wouldn’t have needed to resort to illegal measures.”

“You’re right. Except that we didn’t. And he did anyway.”


Rachel challenges Chase on her husband's behalf, while Carl gets some food for thought from Elizabeth.  Charlie makes a confession to Zeno, Jen's treatment plan hits a snag, and Marley asks for Sarah's opinion... on Grant.

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