Thursday, June 28, 2012


"Lorna saved my life, Matt.” Jamie corrected his brother.

“You mean when you were arrested and – “

“More than that. Before Lorna came along, I wasn’t living, I was existing. I had my job and I had my kids… and I was a miserable, lonely son-of-a-bitch. Lorna didn’t just fall in love with me – although I’m still a little uncertain about how that happened. And she didn’t just allow me to fall in love with her. Lorna made me believe I was worth being loved. That I deserved to be happy, that I deserved to be alive. Lorna did all that, and a lot more that I could never explain to anybody.”

“Wow,” Matt said slowly.

“Sorry,” Jamie blushed. “That was….”


“Pretty much,” he conceded. “Feel free now to mock me relentlessly for being a sap, I deserve it.”

“No, man. All that stuff. All that stuff you said, that’s exactly… That’s exactly what I want to be for Donna. What Lorna was to you. What Mac was to Mom. Donna just needs someone to believe in her, you know? She could be a good person, then, I know it.”

“Good luck,” Jamie told his brother sincerely. “I honestly wish you guys the best.”

“You don’t hold it against her?” Matt couldn’t help thinking of the question Donna asked him earlier. “You don’t blame her for Kirk’s kidnapping, the way you blame Carl?”


Jamie explains himself to Matt and offers his brother advice on Donna, Sarah drives Grant to the breaking point, Allie makes a stunning offer to GQ, Zeno finds a surprising method for stifling Charlie's whining, Jen suffers a setback, while Rachel and Carl both believe the other has finally come around.

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