Monday, June 25, 2012


“We are both reasonable men, Jamie," Carl began.  "Intelligent, educated…”

“You once wondered whether I went to medical school, or a veterinary college,” Jamie reminded dryly.

“A feeble attempt at humor, I assure you. Not to mention my well-known high-esteem for the veterinary arts.”

“What do you want, Carl?”

“We both love your mother, then. Surely, that might be a point of agreement between us.”

“I believe that you love Mom,” Jamie conceded.

“Thank you, Jamie.”

“But, that doesn’t change anything.”

“How could it not? Can you think of any greater force on this Earth than – “

“Is your love bullet-proof, Carl?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Will your love protect Mom, Cory, Elizabeth, anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity the next time your past rears its head?”


Carl makes a last ditch attempt to bring Jamie over to his side, Matt attempts to get to the bottom of Donna's peculiar behavior, Charlie attempts to fix matters with Kirkland, Kevin and Amanda attempt to get their marriage back on track, Grant attempts to assuage Lila's guilty conscience, and GQ attempts to make amends with Horace.

Do any of them succeed?  Find out at:

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