Monday, June 04, 2012


“Chase is spying on Carl,” Lila said simply. “It was the only way he could get access.”

“You made this possible, Lila?”

“Yes.” Her reply was part apology, part bravado.

“Why?” was all Rachel could ask again, dumbstruck.

“Because. Chase convinced me that as long as Carl continued to associate with people from his past, we were all at risk for another kidnapping like Kirkland’s. Another death like Spencer’s. He told me that anyone with an axe to grind against Carl wouldn’t give a damn about who they might have to use in order to get to him. It could be you. It could be Elizabeth or Cory. It could be Jasmine.”

“Carl would never, ever let any harm come to Jasmine!”

“He couldn’t protect Kirkland.”

“That was Spencer’s incompetence, not Carl’s.”

Lila shrugged. “I hoped Chase wouldn’t find anything. I really did. I thought by letting him in to look around to his heart’s content, he’d realize Carl wasn’t a danger to anybody. And he’d give up hounding him. I thought I could help everyone.”


Lila pleads her case to Rachel, who later is forced to welcome Donna.  Jen plays referee between Steven and GQ, Frankie whips out the one argument Zeno can't counter, Alice offers Lucas advice, and Marley wants to know about the new man in Sarah's life.

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