Thursday, June 07, 2012


“Is Chase Hamilton telling the truth, Carl?” Not waiting for him to come to her, Rachel had, this time, descended upon her husband’s pied-a-terre, wasting no time in filling him in regarding what Lila had said, and demanding answers.

“The odds of such a feat are slim, indeed.”

Except that Rachel was in no mood for clever word games. “Did you or did you not violate the terms of your pardon agreement?”

He considered her question, then countered most reasonably, “What did you expect me to do, Rachel? Under such punitive conditions as the ones I was offered – no, coerced into accepting; what was I left to live on? Raise my children on?”

“Damn it, Carl!” Rachel exploded. “Are you seriously telling me you thought I wouldn’t be able to provide for all of us?”

“Support my own flesh-and-blood on alms from your previous husband? Inconceivable! What sort of man do you take me for?”

“An honorable man,” Rachel spat. “That’s who I took you for. And I’m starting to feel like a fool over it.”


Rachel attempts to come to terms with what she's learned about Carl while Lila struggles to deal with her own role in his downfall.  Jasmine demands answers from Donna and Matt, Jamie reveals the results of Horace's DNA test, Kirkland and Charlie ponder the future, as do Frankie and Cass.

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