Friday, April 18, 2008


Ratings for soaps have been slipping for years as women join the workforce and cable lures away more viewers, and to reverse the trend the networks have been looking for ways to woo younger viewers.

It looks like it’s working for CBS.

Teen viewership for CBS soaps has risen this season....

“Guiding Light” has seen the biggest up tick among CBS soaps, rising 29 percent from 49,000 to 63,000, with “The Young and the Restless” second with a 23 percent jump, from 77,000 to 95,000.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, GL has done an excellent job of reeling in little kiddies who are easily taken in by jumpy, incompetent camera work and loud, senseless music and have no loyalty to this show, have no idea what it's supposed to be about, and have neither the money to nor the responsibility of buying the types of products routinely advertised on the show. In the process of reeling in the kiddies, who won't spend a dime on P&G or any other household products that are the mainstay of soap advertising, GL has effectively alienated every other demographic, especially the once extremely loyal 50+ age group that kept GL respectable in the HH ratings for years.

Congrats on driving away millions of your longtime fans in exchange for the opportunity to snag a few thousand teeny-boppers who won't even be watching come September much less three years from now.

Bravo! Here let me help you come up with a few ad slogans that might help you attract a few hundred more broke pre-teens:

Quick, turn on the light, Guiding Light! We have more sleazy, nauseating, and meaningless sex scenes between despicable characters that everybody hates before our first commericial break than most shows do in an entire week! Heck, we've become so tacky and sleazy, we should be on Cinemax! We promise!

Or maybe: Quick, turn on the light, Guiding Light! It's more boring, insulting, predictable, pathetic, and unwatchable than ever! And if that's not enough, our "new production model" will give you an incurable case of vertigo! We promise!