Monday, April 21, 2008


Julie Pinson arrives in Oakdale on May 8 to play Janet, a woman from Brad's past.

And the actress does, in fact, have a past with Austin Peck, who plays Brad.

From 2004 until earlier this year, Pinson played the role of Billie on DOOL. Until 2007, Austin Peck played Austin... Billie's brother.

Which is a little bit disturbing, but not as bad as when Wally Kurth (ex-Sam; ATWT) and Jane Elliot played lovers on DOOL, then mother and son on GH.

Or the time that Thorsten Kaye's real-life significant other, Susan Haskell, played his (dead) sister on Port Charles.

But we're soap fans. We adjust.

(See Pinson and Peck above on DOOL, and Pinson as Janet.)

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