Monday, April 07, 2008


It only took The New York Times half a decade or so to catch on to the fact that soap opera tie-in books have a tendency to be hugely successful (and appear on the Times' very own best-seller list).

Of course, along the way, they also managed to get a multitude of facts wrong.

An excerpt from their April 7, 2008 feature:

In 2002, “Guiding Light” offered “Lorelei’s Guiding Light: An Intimate Diary,” “which filled in the blanks of a character’s life during a period when she wasn’t with the show,” said Ms. Leahey. In 2006, “As the World Turns” came out with “Oakdale Confidential,” which dealt with the past of a character, Katie Peretti, who was credited on the cover as co-author. Perhaps Ms. Peretti was a role model for Marcie Walsh, the police department receptionist on ABC’s “One Life to Live,” who two years ago was credited with “The Killing Club,” a best-selling mystery that was published by Hyperion.

Oakdale Confidential
did not deal with Katie Peretti's past, but rather with that of her then-boyfriend, Mike Kasnoff. Katie was not credited as the author until the second edition, Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed (which also didn't deal with her past, but with that of her rival, Carly). The first book was written by Anonymous, and the story of who was the actual author played out on the air in conjunction with ATWT's 50th Anniversary celebration.

Which happened in April 2006, more than a full year after The Killing Club was released in February 2005.

P&G's most recent best-seller was the Guiding Light tie-in, Jonathan's Story.


Meringue said...
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Meringue said...

Not sure where to put this, so I am putting it here.

I am absolutely appalled that this blog did not acknowledge Jennifer Landon & Jesse Lee Soffer's time on ATWT. As a fan of theirs, I would have loved to see one last pic of just the two of them on their last day on the set. After this pair got lots of press and Jen earned 2 Emmy's for the show, it is disgusting the way their exit was handled. I see the blog recognized Ricky Paul Goldin's time on GL but they could not give the same courtesy to Jesse & Jesse. There are absolutly no words at all for this. It seems that the show didn't care about these 2 at all as they did not get the same treatment as others who left before them like behind the scene video of their last day, pictoral in blog, etc. As of now, I am finished with ATWT as it doesn't listen to the fans or give the actors the respect they deserve!