Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Soap vet Noelle Beck becomes the fourth actress to tackle the role of ATWT's Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder on May 8, 2008.

In addition to a starring role on the primetime soap Central Park West, Beck is best known to television viewers for her role as ingenue Trisha Alden on Loving.

Beck debuted on the Douglas Marland created soap in 1984, playing a rich, spoiled, sheltered but nevertheless good-hearted daughter of bitchy, power-hungry mama Gwyneth and a mostly absent father (Clay Alden was such a royal pain that, years later, when an impostor was revealed to have stolen his identity, the majority of the family openly preferred the impostor!).

Innocent Trisha soon fell for diamond-in-the-rough bad boy mechanic Steve (Corinth didn't have as many stables as Oakdale, a filthy garage was the best she could do). Naturally, the course of their true love never had much of a chance to run smooth, and the couple was regularly torn asunder by, among other things, Steve's marriage to pregnant ex Celia (at one point played by actress Alice Haining who, two years later, would play Holden's in-between wife, Angel).

Though they eventually wed, Steve was shot and killed soon after. Trisha went on to affairs with a sleazy gambler, and an equally sleazy television producer who also slept with her mother then plotted with Gwyneth to keep Trisha from her new true love, equally blue-collar and good-hearted (despite the prison record) Trucker (as Soap Opera Digest noted at the time, the first man ever named after his profession).

Along the way, Trisha was kidnapped, suffered a miscarriage, lost her adopted child to the natural mother, suffered amnesia and was presumed dead.

Yup. She's going to fit right in.


Esther said...

She looks terrific! I for one am excited about her coming.

Oakdalian said...

We'll never confuse her with Meg, I'm sure.

nancyd said...

I'm willing to give her a chance as long as they let her be "Lily" and don't change who Lily is. If they change the character, then why did they bother with a recast. The first thing she needs to do is establish a bond with Lucinda, her kids and most importantly Holden. She has to have chemistry with Holden and if she can sell that pairing, I think she has a good chance at being accepted. Lily left town wanting to improve her relationship with Holden and she needs to return and fight for that over everything else.